Winter Wonderland

So it has been almost three full weeks at the new place. We have been getting a lot of hassle about living out in the boonies and about the long drive back and forth to work… there really has only been one or two people that have just been genuinely positive about the whole thing. The drive is taking some getting used to but it’s actually nice driving in every day with your significant other… we spend a lot more time together than a lot of other couples.

Our kitchen was installed this past weekend (see the house project tab-new post coming soon) but we are pricing out a countertop and that might be a few weeks yet… it’s slowly coming together. I can tell you though, I never thought I would be so excited to see cabinets screwed to the wall or seeing sheets of drywall put up!

On Sunday, I went for a short walk on the property. I don’t have proper boots yet but I borrowed Jason’s and although a slow, deliberate walk, I was able to get a few pretty shots.

Unfortunately, we do not have high speed internet access out here, and it just took me 15 mins to upload this photo :(  I am supposed to be writing the Executive Summary for my Project Management course and so I should get back to that. But I will share more photos tomorrow on break.


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