Definitely, Maybe

So I might have my first house bought! We are waiting for a few loose ends to tie up and we could be moving October 30th…. it’s so exciting and so nerve wracking. We’ve had lots of experience working and maintaining a home together, but this house would be different. It only has drywall!

No flooring, no kitchen, no bathroom – no appliances what-so-ever —basically an empty shell. But what an opportunity to make a home completely the way I want it to be! I really hope we get it… it will be a challenge but a good one :)

This is a view of the back of the house – the front still needs to be landscaped, but it’s identical to the back, except for larger windows in the front.

Did I mention it’s on 48.28 acres? Can’t wait to create some of my own trails…

This will be the kitchen…. neat eh? I’m open to design/colour ideas if anyone would like to put in their two cents :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


One Response to “Definitely, Maybe”

  1. Fingers crossed you get it :) Like the yellow header too.

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