Bobbi-Ann + Geremy ♥

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to be a second shooter for my very fist wedding! I was nervous, but after things got started, it went really, really well! It was such a pleasure to be part of documenting Bobbi-Ann’s and Geremy’s special day. The sun was beating down all day which made it very hot, but at least we had good weather for all our photos :) 

So while Christa of Cyball Photography was with the girls as they got ready, I had a few minutes at the church with the guys.

What a fun bunch! But it was hot out, so we took a few more and headed back to the air conditioned church, where the rest of their day unfolded beautifully!


Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak!


2 Responses to “Bobbi-Ann + Geremy ♥”

  1. I love the pictures you both did an amazing job :)

  2. Looks great Holly….one wedding down and hopefully LOTS more to go :)

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