Quiet, Sunny Weekend

This weekend, we had the little guy. It was great weather so we spent the majority of our time outdoors playing, eating freezies and leveling off the ground for our pool.

T was a big help!


 Now that the ground is level and the pool’s stucture is up, Jason’s gone fishing for a while, so it’s time for me to spend some time on my assignment. Part of my assignment is to discuss how a new company could compete with eBay. If you think about it, there are tonnes of online classified sites, as well as places such as Etsy (a place to buy and sell homemade items). But none of these compete at eBay’s level. Maybe there isn’t any more room ‘at the top’ for anything more than eBay…

This assignment is for my E-Commerce course – and I must say I am actually enjoying it! I love being online and learning about how e-businesses work and the challenges they face. Maybe it will even help me develop my own one day!




One Response to “Quiet, Sunny Weekend”

  1. I’ve checked out Etsy before, they have some cute stuff on there.
    These assignments are definitely going to be a help to you :)

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