Meet Bella, the newest addition to our home! Jason came home with her yesterday as a surprise for me – and I fell in love! We had been talking lately about whether or not to get a kitten (something I’ve really, really wanted since my cat died about 1.5 years ago) but I’m glad I have her now.

Like most kittens, she’s very playful but surprisingly also very calm. We had a fire outside last night and she stayed in my arms for at least a good hour… just relaxing and purring away. And she slept through her first night with us no problems at all.

So now we have: a dog, a cat, a pig and two chickens. If you ask me, that’s a lot! But I think Jason might have gotten me this kitten as a way to convince me to allow him to get some more animals! He’s already talking about turkeys, more pigs, a cow and yes, a donkey.


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